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Hutchison Ports Brisbane is on a 26 hectare site and officially opened in January 2013.

Main Features

  • Quay Line -660 metres
  • Berths – 2
  • 4 Post Panamax Quay Cranes and 6 Automated Stacking Cranes
  • On site empty container storage facility

Maritime Security Information

Hutchison Ports Brisbane is located within a Port Security Zone at the Port of Brisbane.    Maritime Security is at Level 1

Unathorised entry is prohibited – access is controlled and unauthorized entry is an offence.  Unauthorised possession of weapons or prohibited items within the Port Security Zone is prohibited.  All access to the terminal is via appointment only.

All visitors and contractors must report to the Security Office and sign-in each day.  Photographic identification (such as Driver’s Licence) is mandatory, and must be produced to Security Officers for identification verification purposes.

CCTV cameras are located in key positions around the terminal for the purposes of surveillance strategy aimed at controlling security risks.


General Site Information

The terminal generally operates on a 24/7 basis (please see the Customer Portal for more details on daily operations).  Parking is available at the front of the operations building for our staff, visitors and contractors.

Hutchison Ports Brisbane requires your co-operation in observing and complying with all site safety rules, instructions and guidelines.  This includes:

  • Reporting all safety hazards and potential environmental impacts;
  • Reporting all incidents and near misses;
  • Wearing appropriate PPE in all operational areas.
  • Following instructions and warning signage at all times;
  • Be in a fit state and not under the influence of drugs, alcohol or fatigue.